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Is Cisco® Conceding the SAN Director Market to Brocade®?


Cisco® Live Tells a Hidden Story

Cisco® Live is a trade show and convention put on by Cisco® every year for its customers and business partners. It features a grand hall called the World of Solutions where over 200 companies display software, services and products alongside Cisco® entries as part of the Cisco® ecosystem.

There is a keynote by the CEO that fills a large auditorium and second keynote by the CTO. There are talks by senior technical specialists on new products and apps; and, loads and loads of success stories. There is even a Big Ideas Theatre where speakers offer alternative ways to use and look at technology. My favorite, was a talk about El (not Al). A look at how technologists are training machines to measure the Emotional Intelligence of a human user at the time the human and machine interface.

A myriad of courses are available to network engineers leading to network certifications such as the top of the line Cisco® Certified Internetwork Expert commonly referred to as CCIE.

Cisco® Live is billed as a place to “…build the foundation for your digital future. Transform your outlook, your career, and your potential through learning direct from Cisco® best and brightest.” And, of course, unlimited networking opportunities.

So what’s the point you might ask? To which I would remind you that Cisco® is also in the SAN business. Its MDS products compete with Brocade® SAN products and have done so for quite a while. According to industry statistics, Brocade® has 82.5% of the SAN market while Cisco® has 17.5% of the SAN market. No other company has a perceptible share of the market.

Add to that, Cisco® has just announced three new 32 Gbps SAN switches to augment its MDS product line:

  • the 32-port 32 Gbps Cisco® MDS 9132-T
  • the 48-port 32 Gbps MDS 9148-T
  • the 96-port 32 Gbps 9363-T

Though still lagging Brocade® by over a year in product development one would think Cisco® Live would be the perfect venue to trumpet Cisco® latest SAN accomplishment. But despite a room full of network engineers, Cisco® enthusiasts, business partners and vendors there was no mention of the new SAN additions. Truth is I could only find the new SAN switch display with the help of two Cisco® “Hall Ambassadors”, who cumulatively spent nearly 20 minutes finding the 32 Gbps SAN products. The display is shown on the right. Not even a wall tag to accompany it. Nothing to explain what the machines are and why they were significant. It was easy to overlook or miss entirely.

Perhaps with lagging product development and a lethargic effort Cisco® has already conceded the SAN market to Brocade®. In which case, Cisco® SAN users who are contemplating moving to all flash should look very carefully at what Brocade® has to offer these days.

For a realistic approach to Cisco® MDS products give us a call at 201-934-7286. Or send us an email at Let us show you a path as the paradigm shifts from digital to all flash.

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Cisco® MDS 9513 Software Reaches End-of-Support on 10/31/2017

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According to Cisco® the Cisco® MDS 9513 will reach end of software support on October 31, 2017 after which software and firmware updates will cease, patches will no longer be available and bug fixes will end. New maintenance contracts from Cisco® for machines not under maintenance will no longer be accepted.

The Cisco® MDS 9513 was introduced in 2006, its technology is 11 years old; it. It has been superseded by the Cisco® 9710 SAN director. Cisco® MDS 9513 directors are limited to 8 Gbps transfer speed. The 9513 will not handle 16 Gbps transfer speed nor will it handle the recently released 32 Gbps transfer speed blade. All of the blades and supervisor cards sold for use in the 9513 are EOL; many are End-of-Support.

Many customers look at firmware support as the #1 reason to stay with pricey manufacturer’s maintenance. As Cisco® begins the process of terminating MDS 9513 support its time to ratchet up savings by moving support to TeamKCI – at 80% less than Cisco SMARTnet®.

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Cisco® is registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the
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