TeamKCI maintains legacy HP storage, networking, and re-badged Brocade® equipment. We stock HP equipment for any maintenance or upgrade contingency.

Whether you need immediate emergency support for a down machine; equipment for an upgrade; or long-term support call the company that other maintenance companies call for HP support.

Click on any of the following HP products for more information.

SAN Switches SAN Directors ProCurve
8/80 SAN Switch StorageWorks DC Backbone Director J4905A J9030A
8/40 SAN Switch DC04 SAN Director (AR478A) J4906A J9064A
4/64 SAN Switch StorageWorks 4/256 SAN Director B-Series J9049A J8770A
4/32 SAN Switch StorageWorks 2/128 SAN Director B-Series J9050A J8773A
4/32B SAN Switch J4903A J9823A
4/16 SAN Switch J4904A J9824A
4/8 Base SAN Switch J9021A J9825A
2/64 Core Switch J9022A J9826A
2/32 SAN Switch J4812A J9866A
2/16-EL SAN Switch J4813A J9868A
2/16V SAN Switch J4817A J8697A
J4900C J8698A
J9087A J8699A
J9088A J9565A
J9089A J8700A
J8772B J9447A
J8775B J9448A

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.


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