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KCI MaintenanceFor over thirty-five years TeamKCI has supported storage, switching and connectivity products for America’s largest corporations and government agencies. Over this span platforms and manufacturers have changed but the basic need to store, access and switch large volumes of data has grown exponentially. Across the span of three plus decades, from ESCON through six generations of Fibre Channel, TeamKCI has developed exceptional technical competencies in SAN architecture, switching, storage, networking and connectivity.

TeamKCI SAN switching competencies include Brocade® SAN and Cisco® MDS switch and director products. Storage expertise includes NetApp®, EMC®, HDS, HP®, IBM®, and Dell® platforms. While networking competencies are comprised of Cisco®, Brocade®, Extreme, Foundry®, Citrix®, HP® Procurve and F10.

Over the years TeamKCI has been selected by many Fortune 500 companies as their vendor of choice to support equipment across America and in 13 European countries, the Middle East, Africa, APAC and South America.

TeamKCI was also awarded the Verizon Supplier Recognition Award for Outstanding Performance in IT Services at America’s largest Telco.

In a time of shrinking budgets and increasing responsibilities, TeamKCI support stretches your maintenance budget and affords you the peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the most qualified, cost effective and comprehensive support provider available.



KCI, Inc (dba TeamKCI) is the industry leader in premier Third-Party maintenance support. TeamKCI is not an authorized reseller, distributor, partner of nor an affiliate of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or related to any manufacturer’s authorized service center. All offers for maintenance support are from our world-wide award winning support group not the OEM. All trademarks, service marks, logos remain the property of the corresponding company. All rights reserved. 

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

Cisco® is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/ or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

NetApp® is a registered trademark of NetApp, Inc.



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