We have McData® network equipment in stock and are ready to ship overnight!

TeamKCI sells both new and refurbished equipment.  As an expert in McData® equipment, we are able to supply new McData® hardware directly to you. Used and refurbished McData systems are also available at big savings offering our customers alternative financial options to maximize their IT dollars. Click on any of the following McData products for more information.

SAN Directors SAN Switches Routers
McData® i10K McData® 4700 McData® 2640
McData® 6140 McData® 3232 Mcdata® 1620
McData® 6064 McData® 4500  
McData® 4400  
McData® 4300  
McData® 3216  
McData® 3032  
McData® 3016  

McDATA® is a registered trademark of Brocade Communications.


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