TeamKCI maintains legacy Cisco MDS and networking equipment. We stock Cisco equipment for any maintenance upgrade contingency

Whether you need immediate emergency support for a down machine; equipment for an upgrade; or long term care call the the company that everyone calls for Cisco support.

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Ethernet Switches Routers SAN Directors SAN Switches
Cisco 2350-48TD-S Cisco 10000 Cisco MDS 9513 Cisco MDS 9148
Cisco 2350-48TD-SD Cisco 10720 Cisco MDS 9509 Director Cisco MDS 9222i
Cisco Catalyst 4500 Cisco 2800 Cisco MDS 9506 Cisco MDS 9216i
Cisco Catalyst 6500 Cisco C12000 Cisco MDS 9216A
Cisco ME2400-24TS-A Cisco C3230 Cisco MDS 9134
Cisco ME2400-24TS-D Cisco C3270 Cisco MDS 9124
Cisco WS-2960 Cisco C3800 Cisco MDS 9140
Cisco WS-C2360 Cisco C7200 VXR Cisco MDS 9120
Cisco WS-C2600 Cisco C7301 Cisco MDS 9020
Cisco WS-C2800 Cisco C7304
Cisco WS-2900XL Cisco C7500
Cisco WS-C2940
Cisco WS-C2950
Cisco WS-C2955
Cisco WS-C3550
Cisco WS-C3560-E
Cisco WS-C3560-G
Cisco WS-C3750
Cisco WS-C3750-G


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