Network Hardware Sales

Enjoy the best network hardware sales and prices in the market. All hardware TeamKCI provides comes with a 90 day replacement warranty. TeamKCI is the worldwide leader in SAN and network support and has been servicing SMBs, Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and government agencies since 1982. TeamKCI buys surplus equipment and sells equipment.

Network Hardware Sales: Reconditioned, Tested, and Guaranteed Platforms

Brocade® NetApp®
Cisco® Extreme®
Citrix® NetScaler® IBM®
Foundry® F5®
EMC® Juniper®
McData® Avocent®
ADVA® Palo Alto®
HPE® Force10®
Arista® Telenex®
ONPATH® Check Point®
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Why TeamKCI Network Hardware Sales?

TeamKCI’s hardware sales comes with a 90-day guarantee. That goes to show that we believe in the quality of our engineers and the quality of our equipment and are certain that it will benefit your organization. Our equipment is sure to provide your network infrastructure with upgrades in speeds, reliability, and productivity with zero downtime. Choosing our high quality hardware for your network upgrade is a great way to ensure the longevity of your network.

Types of Network Hardware Sales

TeamKCI has a wide range of network hardware that’s suitable for your infrastructure. Among them, the most popular types of equipment are routers, switches, firewalls, and access points. All of the equipment in our inventory are sure to connect your networks securely and efficiently. Moreover, TeamKCI has unique hardware inventory that is suitable for certain industries.

Factors Influencing Hardware Sales

There are various factors such as manufacturer, model, and even condition of the hardware that you’re interested that influences its price. However TeamKCI strives to provide the best quality for the best price, all with a 90 days warranty.


TeamKCI offers the best prices in the industry for some the most sought after IT hardware including routers and switches. Router and switch pricing depends on the complexity and condition of the device as well as the number of units you intend on purchasing. Contact us for a quote to learn more.


TeamKCI maintains every Brocade switch ever made. This means that we have the inventory required for your network upgrade, especially if it involves brocade machines. Not just that, but be are the only company still maintaining Telenex® machines. Here is list of some of the inventory we that are included in our network hardware sales:

  • Brocade®
  • NetApp®
  • Cisco®
  • Extreme®
  • Citrix® NetScaler
  • IBM®
  • Foundry®
  • F5®
  • EMC®
  • McData®
  • Avocent®
  • Adva®
  • Palo Alto®
  • HPE®
  • Force10®
  • Arista®
  • Telenex®
  • OnPath®
  • CheckPoint®
  • Qlogic®

Benefits of Replacing Network Hardware

An outdated network can result in many different issues with the integrity of your company’s data. It’s important to ensure that all hardware is intact and updated with working and capable machines that have good performance. When you choose TeamKCI to replace your hardware network, we work to ensure that all the bells and whistles are there so that your network infrastructure gives you the best ROI. Contact us today for a quote on hardware sales and maintenance.

Benefits of Replacing Network Hardware

There are many benefits of replacing network Hardware. TeamKCI’s network hardware sales result in your infrastructure being equipped with equipment that meets a free key criteria such as wireless connectivity and network size.

Wireless connectivity needs

Since Brocade® expanded into wireless networking following, and TeamKCI maintains all Brocade® machines, our expert engineers maintain some of the most complex Brocade® machinese there are. This means our inventory of wireless connectivity equipment is unmatched.

Network size and scalability

We understand that scaling your network is priority and sometimes equipment needs to be changed and updated. That’s why our popular 90-day warranty service has received excellent reviews.
TeamKCI is the premier award-winning third party maintenance provider.