The Best Server, Storage and Network Maintenance Programs. Part 1

The Best Server, Storage and Network Maintenance Programs. Part 1

Brocade 48000At Team KCI we are often asked what makes a maintenance program stand out. Why do customers rave about one maintenance plan while roiling about another?

To address that we are posting Team KCI’s continuing blog series describing what makes for happy, satisfied customers; what to look for when choosing your next maintenance provider: 

  • Spare Parts on Premises = Rapid Repairs: The maintenance provider who stores spare parts at your location will shorten repair time by over 50%. That’s because once a problem is detected there won’t be long wait time for parts to be shipped from a central depot in another state. When a part goes bad it is much easier for the “Customer Service Engineer” (CSE) to walk over to the supply cabinet to retrieve a spare than it is to wait for an express carrier to deliver the part the next day. Rapid repairs are always the prime objective. 


  • Utilize Dial-in & Call Home Features: Seek a maintenance company that takes advantage of the dial-in and call home features that are built into the machines they are contracted to maintain. Most modern network and storage devices allow maintenance providers to check operational metrics inside the “box” before a technician is even dispatched. By utilizing these features your provider could be diagnosing your problem even before you become aware of it. This allows the maintenance provider to alert you while there is still time to plan for, or to prevent, an outage.


  • Speak to a Customer Service Engineer (CSE) First:  Companies that have a trained CSE talk to the people on the floor will insure that that your problem is understood by the people who have to fix it before someone shows up to repair it. Beware of companies that use overseas call centers and dispatch without speaking to your people on the floor. Keep in mind that quality of the technical triage by the first person you speak to will greatly influence the quality of the service.

TeamKCI’s maintains an open line of communications between our CSEs and your people.  All of our Customer Service Engineers are manufacturer-trained, and possess the experience necessary to designKCI Maintenance, plan, implement, install, and maintain Enterprise networks in mission critical environments.

Coupled with the single largest independent source of spare parts in the industry, we provide the hardware and the necessary know-how for any maintenance contingency.

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