The Best Server, Storage and Network Maintenance Programs

The Best Server, Storage and Network Maintenance Programs

All maintenance is mission critical and maintenance providers should always treat every maintenance call as a mission critical event.  When a well-integrated maintenance program works properly it prevents downtimes, loss and other operational problems.  This should not just be your goal but what you actually deliver.HP DC SAN Director

TeamKCI takes pride in the quality of service and reliability we offer our clients. We appreciate the essential factors our customers consider when making the critical support and maintenance decision.  We understand how a customer’s loyalty is earned. And, what makes for trust and reliability in a maintenance provider.

The answers are found here in TeamKCI’s continuing series on what makes for long term satisfied customers.  Here are issues to think about when looking to choose your next Storage and Network maintenance provider:

  • Parts on Premises: Make sure your third party provider is storing spare parts on premises.  This will prevent the situation where a Customer Service Engineer has to make more than one visit to perform a single repair.
  • A “Stay Until Its Fixed” Policy: One of the most sought after qualities in a third party maintenance provider is a company with a policy that requires their Customer Services Engineers stay on your premises until a problem is fixed and all devices attached to that device are brought back on-line.
  • Make Sure You Get a Regular Technical Representative: Know exactly who to call!  Not just a random person on the other end of a 1-800 number. Make sure you are assigned a CSE that will become part of your team and become familiar with not only your equipment, but also your environment and personnel.You want someone at the other end of the phone who is vested in the quality of the service provided, determined to respond to your requirements as quickly as possible.
  • Dial-in and Call Home Capability:  Ensure that your third party provider is knowledgeable and skilled in the use of dial-in and call home capabilities of the equipment they are maintaining to minimize diagnoses and triage and shorten repair times.
  • Fair Aggressive Pricing: You want a partner that has developed fair pricing based on anticipated repair frequency, parts costs and support requirements. This must be a maintenance provider with the right blend of problem solving expertise and experience in the hardware they are going to maintain for you.  
  • Manufacturer’s Parts: If your third party provider does not use original manufacturer’s parts than they are probably cutting corners. A provider who cuts corners on parts is likely cutting corners in other areas as well. Don’t accept look-a-like!  Manufacturer’s parts are manufacturer’s parts. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

TeamKCI takes pride in our leadership in these areas.  Our inventory of manufacturer’s spare parts is unrivaled.  Our CSEs stay the course whenever a problem arises. With over 30 years of experience and unparalleled commitment, we serve our clients with 100% readiness and dedication.

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