Brocade Introduces Generation 7

Brocade Introduces Generation 7

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In case you missed it on September 1, 2020, Brocade announced its new 7th generation director, the X7, and a new 7th generation switch, the G720.

X7 Director (artist rendering)

G720 Switch (artist rendering)


According to Brocade the new director is faster, more scalable, more intelligent, and more resilient than previous directors providing a strong foundation for the on-demand data center. Brocade describes the new director as “a modular building block, purpose-built to power large-scale storage environments.”

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The new director operates at twice the speed and half of the  latency when compared to Brocade’s previous generation 6 director. It provides up to 384 64 Gb/s ports or up to 512 32 Gb/s ports. The G720 will be delivered with 56 64Gb/s ports in a 1RU design. It will also be 50 percent lower latency when compared to previous generations. 

According to Brocade, the X7 director and G720 switch are available now.

The X7 will use Emulex® HBAs, first announced in December 2018, which set the new standard in speed and low latency performance for mission-critical Enterprise workloads. 

The Gen 7 systems include self-learning, self-optimizing and self-healing capabilities to help automate SAN management.

For more information on the new Generation 7 please call Brocade. To sell or upgrade your legacy Brocade Generation 6 or Generation 5 equipment call TeamKCI at 201-934-3416, email us at, or click here to request a same-day quote.



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