The Last Place on Earth for Top Quality Telenex Support

The Last Place on Earth for Top Quality Telenex Support

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Telenex a once independent switch manufacturer was purchased by General Signal Networks in 1996; General Signal Networks was rolled up into an IPO in 2000 and renamed InRange Technologies; InRange was acquired by Computer Network Technology (CNT) in 2003; CNT was acquired by McData® Corp in 2005; McData® was acquired by Brocade® Communication Systems in 2007. Brocade® sold off the Telenex product lines to Intellipath in 2007 which quickly changed its name to OnPath Technologies. OnPath was purchased by NetScout in 2012.

None of the aforementioned companies maintain Telenex 2700 hardware anymore.  But there are still over 125 Telenex matrix switches in use in key Wide Area Networking applications that utilize this hard to replace technology.  If your company is one of those companies still using Telenex 2700 technology you should be talking to TeamKCI.   We’ve been maintaining Telenex 2700 wide area network switches for the last twenty years. So while we may be the last place on earth where you can find maintenance for your Telenex equipment, we’re also the best place on earth for legacy Telenex switches.  We have Telenex product engineers trained by Telenex; store spare parts on premises; and at one time or another have supported over 200 Telenex switches nationwide.  So don’t delay!

Welcome to the last place on Earth for the best Telenex support on Earth.

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

McDATA® is a registered trademark of Brocade Communications.

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