What’s Your NetApp® Plan?

What’s Your NetApp® Plan?

Hey NetApp® users what’s your NetApp plan?  Do you know what your next storage platform will be? Will it even be manufactured by NetApp? Tough questions that are not all that easy to answer.

As NetApp transitions its product lines it is a reasonable proposition to develop a plan for your next platform. But what will that next platform be? Many NetApp platforms still in use are now designated end-of-Life (EOL) by the manufacturer – just check out our NetApp EOL table here. A transition path is not all that clear. But the one thing that is clear, is that if you are moving from NetApp or staying with NetApp there is no better time to move your legacy NetApp storage to TeamKCI for savings of over 50% until the time comes for you to make a decision on your next storage platform.

We also point out that IBM® has announced it has the discontinued NSeries – the IBM® badged version of the NetApp product line. What better indication of a seismic shift in NetApp platforms?  All the more reason to save while you transition to your next NetApp®, EMC®, HDS, IBM® or Dell® storage solution.

In the meantime take a look at TeamKCI support. We place spare parts on premises; diagnose problems remotely; and, save you over 50% when compared to OEM prices. We deliver OEM class service at a fraction of the price. Give us your configuration here and we’ll get back to you with a price quote that we guaranty will generate huge savings.  For over 33 years your source for independent switch and storage support.

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