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TeamKCI maintains all legacy NetApp® equipment. We stock NetApp® equipment for any maintenance or upgrade contingency

KCI has extensive hands on experience with NetApp legacy equipment including the rebadged IBM® NSeries. We continue to maintain and repair them after the manufacturer has designated them EOL.

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NetApp, Inc. is an American multinational storage and data management company. Founded in 1992. NetApp manufactures storage systems that are known for industry-leading performance, scalability, and simplicity. In 2016 NetApp ranked 468 in the Fortune 500. Like all storage manufacturers today NetApp is transitioning from Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage to the “all flash” data center. As a result, many NetApp platforms that are still in wide scale use are now designated End-of-Life (EOL) by NetApp. IBM® which sold NetApp storage over the years under its own logo as “N Series” has discontinued the sale of NetApp manufactured storage systems as well, further pointing to the shift in storage system technology that is ongoing. Take a look at out our NetApp EOL table to check out all the legacy NetApp and IBM® N Series platforms. While NetApp and other storage manufacturers are developing new storage platforms not all customers are ready for “all flash”. If your plans call for continuing usage of HDD storage or if you are planning a staged migration to flash storage over time, it’s a good time to look at TeamKCI legacy support you’re your legacy NetApp storage. TeamKCI has 35 years of storage and switching experience; we will provide spare parts on premises; diagnose problems remotely; and, save you over 80% when compared to NetApp prices. We deliver OEM class service at a fraction of the OEM price. Give us your configuration and we’ll get back to you with a price quote that we guaranty will generate huge savings! Just complete the Accuquote form to the right. We need just two pieces of information. 1) The model and quantity of your filers and 2) The model and quantity of your shelves. That’s all it takes to start the process. And we’ll get back to you with a complete and comprehensive TeamKCI Accuquote in less than 24 hours. One thing is clear, if you are transitioning from HDD to all flash, staying with NetApp support during the planning and transition is expensive. There is no better time to move your legacy NetApp storage support to TeamKCI. Rack up huge savings until the time is right to migrate to your next storage platform. For over 35 years TeamKCI has been a major independent source of storage and switch support. Contact us so we can show you how TeamKCI support can make a difference.

NetApp/ NSeries EOL Table

NetApp/ NSeries EOL Table

NetApp® IBM®
Type N Series Type Model
FAS2220 N3150 2857 A15
FAS2220 A25
FAS2240-2 N3220 2857 A12
FAS 2240C-2 A22
FAS2240-4 N3240 2857 A14
FAS2240C-4 A24
FAS2040 N3400 2859 A11
FAS2040C A21
FAS3210 N6210 2858 C10
FAS3210C C20
FAS3220 N6220 2858 C25
FAS3220 C15
FAS3220 E15
FAS3220 E25
FAS3250 N6250 2858 E16
FAS3250 E26
FAS3240 N6240 2858 C21
FAS3240 E11
FAS3240C E21
FAS3270 N6270 2858 C22
FAS3270 E12
FAS3270C E22
FAS6280C N7550T 2867 C20
FAS6280C N7950T 2867 E22
FAS2020 N3300 2859 A10
FAS2020C A20
FAS270 N3700 2863 A10
FAS270C A20
FAS2050 N3600 2862 A10
FAS2050C A20
FAS3020 N5200 2864 A10
FAS3020C A20
V3020 G10
V3020C G20
FAS3040 N5300 2869 A10
FAS3040C A20
V3040 G10
V3040C G20
FAS3050 N5500 2865 A10
FAS3050C A20
V3050 G10
V3050C G20
FAS3070 N5600 2868 A10
FAS3070C A20
V3070 G10
V3070C G20
FAS3140 N6040 2858 A10
FAS3140C A20
FAS3160 N6060 2858 A12
FAS3160C A22
FAS3170 N6070 2858 A21
FAS3170C A11
FAS6030 N7600 2866 A10
FAS6030C A20
V6030 G10
V6030C G20
FAS6040 N7700 2866 A11
FAS6040C A20
V6040 G11
FAS6070 N7800 2867 A10
FAS6070C A20
V6070 G10
V6070C G20
FAS6080 N7900 2867 A11
V6080 G11
V6080C G21
FAS6080C A21
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