TeamKCI maintains all legacy NetApp® equipment. We stock NetApp® equipment for any maintenance or upgrade contingency

Whether you need immediate emergency support for a down machine; equipment for an upgrade; or long-term support call the company that other maintenance companies call for NetApp® support.

Click on any of the following NetApp products for more information.

NetApp FAS2020® NetApp FAS3160® NetApp V3020®
NetApp FAS2040® NetApp FAS3170® NetApp V3040®
NetApp FAS2050® NetApp FAS3210® NetApp V3050®
NetApp FAS2220® NetApp FAS3220® NetApp V3070®
NetApp FAS2240-2® NetApp FAS3240® NetApp V6030®
NetApp FAS2240-4® NetApp FAS3250® NetApp V6040®
NetApp FAS270® NetApp FAS3270® NetApp V6070®
NetApp FAS3020® NetApp FAS6030® NetApp V6080®
NetApp FAS3040® NetApp FAS6040®  
NetApp FAS3050® NetApp FAS6070®  
NetApp FAS3070® NetApp FAS6080®  
NetApp FAS3140® NetApp FAS6280C®  

NetApp® is registered trademark of NetApp,Inc.


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