Brocade® Announces EOL for DCX 8-Gbps Blades

Brocade® Announces EOL for DCX 8-Gbps Blades

Brocade® has announced that it is initiating its End-of-Life process for Brocade® FC8-16, FC8-32, FC8-48  and FC8-64 blades for the Brocade® DCX family of directors. The Brocade® notice also states that the last date Brocade® will accept orders for 8-Gbps blades is November 30, 2015 (Brocade® Notice). Directly after the Brocade® announcement, TeamKCI announced that it will stock replacement blades for the Brocade® DCX family and guaranty availability for the next 6 years through December 31, 2021.

TeamKCI has significant quantities of the aforementioned Brocade® FC8-16, FC8-32, FC8-48  and FC8-64 DCX blades in stock. Also on hand are Brocade® 16-Gbps blades and 8-Gbps “e” blades for the newer DCX8510 director. One final point: TeamKCI offers 24 x 7 maintenance coverage for Brocade® DCX directors at rates that are 65% less than Brocade®.

So if your plans call for Brocade® DCX director blades contact TeamKCI here and let us work with you on blade upgrades, configuration issues, maintenance and monitoring.



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Brocade®is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

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