Citrix® NetScaler®

TeamKCI maintains every legacy Citrix® machine. We also have Citrix® equipment in stock for any upgrade contingency

Whether you need immediate emergency support for a down machine; equipment for an upgrade; or long term care call the company that everyone calls for Citrix® support.

Click on any of the following Citrix® EOL products for more information.

NetScaler Gateway® NetScaler ADC®
NetScaler Gateway 2000® NetScaler ADC 9600
NetScaler Gateway 2010® NetScaler ADC 9800®
NetScaler Gateway 7000® NetScaler ADC 9900®
NetScaler Gateway 9010® NetScaler ADC 9950®
NetScaler Gateway 9200® NetScaler ADC 10010®
NetScaler ADC 12000®
NetScaler ADC 15000®
NetScaler MPX 17000®
NetScaler ADC 9000 FIPS®
NetScaler ADC 9010 FIPS®
NetScaler ADC 1000V® 
NetScaler ADC 11515®
NetScaler ADC 11520®
NetScaler ADC 11530®
NetScaler ADC 11540®
NetScaler ADC 11542®


*Citrix® is the registered trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc.


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