Manufacturers’ End-of-Service Coming for McData® i10Ks | TeamKCI Provides Alternatives

Manufacturers’ End-of-Service Coming for McData® i10Ks | TeamKCI Provides Alternatives

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Manufacturers’ End-of-Service Coming for McData® i10Ks | TeamKCI Provides Alternatives

If your center is one of the 400 data centers still using one or more McData® i10K directors you should be aware that the i10K will reach Brocade® End-of-Service (EOS) on February 28, 2014.  Set your countdown clock, just 325 days left.

If you are still using the EMC® Connectrix ED1000M, the EMC® version of the i10K, it is slated to reach EOS on July 31, 2013.

And, if you are using the IBM version of the i10K, sold as either the IBM 2027-256 or the IBM® SAN256M, sorry, the end of support date has already passed, December 31, 2011.

But, There is an Alternative. Actually, Three Alternatives:

1)      TeamKCI can maintain your i10k for as long as you plan to use it at prices that are well below manufacturer’s list prices.

2)      Let TeamKCI replace your i10K with a pre-owned Brocade® 48000.

3)      Have TeamKCI provide you with a quote for a new or used Brocade® DCX Backbone or DCX 8510 director for either sale or lease. 

We know that as a SAN Architect or SAN Administrator you are always trying to stretch your networking dollars.  We’ll help you do more for less.

For over 31 years we’ve helped our customers do their jobs better.


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