TeamKCI Announces 60% Off DCX Maintenance

TeamKCI Announces 60% Off DCX Maintenance

TeamKCI is pleased to announce it has expanded its award-winning worldwide support program to include Brocade® DCX directors at rates that are 60% less than the manufacturers suggested retail price. TeamKCI has also begun offering round-the-clock monitoring for Enterprise customers becoming the only independent maintenance provider to offer this service. With TeamKCI, our customers get:

  • Top of the line manufacturer’s quality support.
  • Spare parts stored on premises to facilitate rapid repairs.
  • 70% + off all DCX hardware upgrades
  • 60% off manufacturer’s maintenance rates.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring at 60% off manufacturer’s rates.

As you begin preparing your 2015 support budget put TeamKCI in your plans for quality, dependability and cost conscious savings.

It’s not too good to believe. It’s TeamKCI.


“Tomorrow’s Company for Yesterday’s Equipment”

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.


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