Foundry®  Networks

Foundry®  Networks

As America’s largest independent maintainer of Brocade® equipment, TeamKCI has leveraged its skill and knowledge of Brocade® products to develop a top-level maintenance program for legacy Foundry® Networks equipment which Brocade® acquired in late 2008.

As with all other Brocade® products TeamKCI provides full 24×7 support with guaranteed four hour onsite response time; our guarantee that you will speak to a trained customer service engineer within 20 minutes of placing a call to TeamKCI any time of day or night; and, a full complement of OEM’s spares stored on premises.

TeamKCI also sells used and refurbished switches, modules, load balancers and accessories originally sold by Foundry® Networks. Each unit is fully tested and refurbished as necessary and guaranteed to function as new. All “pre-owned” Foundry® equipment comes with an unconditional 90-day replacement warranty.

A list of Foundry® Networks products for which TeamKCI is now maintaining is shown below:

 BigIron  NetIron Routers  FastIron
 BigIron RX Switches NetIron 40G  FastIron Edge Series
 BigIron B4000  NetIron MLX  FastIron SuperX Family
 BigIron B8000  NetIron XMR  FastIron GS Series
 BigIron B15000  NetIron 400  FastIron Edge X Series
   NetIron 800  FastIron LS Series
   NetIron 15000  FastIron Edge Series POE
 ServerIron  EdgeIron
 ServerIronGT C Series  EdgeIron CF
 ServerIron 4G  EdgeIron G Series
 ServerIronGT E10Gx2P Series  EdgeIron GS Series
 ServerIron 350/450/850 Series  EdgeIron 8X10G Series
 ServerIronGT E Series

 Check out a list of some of our In Stock Foundry® equipment – Foundry®  Deals

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.


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