Your Brocade DCX is Now 2 Generations Back

Your Brocade DCX is Now 2 Generations Back

Are you still paying full price for maintenance?

TeamKCI, America’s leading Brocade third party maintenance provider, is now offering DCX maintenance at 75% off the Brocade list.

The DCX, once Brocade’s flagship SAN director, was designated End-of-Life on May 15, 2014 and it will go End-of-Support on November 14, 2019.

While the manufacturer is winding down DCX support, here is a great way to save 75%. Simply let TeamKCI support your older Brocade SAN equipment.

Why should you trust TeamKCI with your SAN?

  • We are Brocade subject matter experts.
  • We offer the highest quality Brocade service.
  • We store a complete complement of spare parts on your premises.
  • We provide access to a technical specialist trained on the Brocade DCX within 15 minutes of making a service request.
  • Four-hour onsite response time.
  • 75% off the manufacturer’s list price.
  • And we won’t raise your rates 10% per year like the manufacturer does

We not only maintain the Brocade DCX, we also maintain all badged versions of the Brocade DCX sold by:
• HP DC Backbone
• NetApp DCX

Save now to help pay for your next infrastructure upgrade. Call, email or go to our website,, and we’ll start covering your DCX immediately.

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