Cisco® MDS 9513 Software Reaches End-of-Support on 10/31/2017

Cisco® MDS 9513 Software Reaches End-of-Support on 10/31/2017

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According to Cisco® the Cisco® MDS 9513 will reach end of software support on October 31, 2017 after which software and firmware updates will cease, patches will no longer be available and bug fixes will end. New maintenance contracts from Cisco® for machines not under maintenance will no longer be accepted.

The Cisco® MDS 9513 was introduced in 2006, its technology is 11 years old; it. It has been superseded by the Cisco® 9710 SAN director. Cisco® MDS 9513 directors are limited to 8 Gbps transfer speed. The 9513 will not handle 16 Gbps transfer speed nor will it handle the recently released 32 Gbps transfer speed blade. All of the blades and supervisor cards sold for use in the 9513 are EOL; many are End-of-Support.

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