Solution For The Cisco® MDS Quandary

Solution For The Cisco® MDS Quandary

Many Cisco® MDS customers (users) are surprised to learn that while they can still get support from Cisco® for its flagship 9513 MDS director many of the blades installed in these directors are no longer supported. What good is maintenance if it only covers part of your director you might ask? It’s fair to conclude it’s not good enough.

Enter the Team KCI blended maintenance program. Keep your Cisco® 9513 director under Cisco® “Smart net total care” program to cover the chassis and let TeamKCI cover the blades that Cisco® no longer covers. We offer premium four-hour repair or Next Business Day (NBD) parts at big savings over traditional Cisco® pricing.

Keep your infrastructure covered and your SAN running with TeamKCI. Smarter Network Support for Smarter Networks.


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