IBM® 2499-384 SAN Director

IBM® 2499-384 SAN Director

TeamKCI has extensive hands on experience with IBM® 2499-384 directors and continues to maintain and repair them. Parts and replacement units are in stock and can ship overnight.

The IBM® 2499-384 will reach End-of-Support on
November 14, 2019 in just…

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TeamKCI will continue to support these units for as long as you choose to use them.

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Let TeamKCI help you design the most cost-effective IBM® Storage Area Network Solution.

The IBM® 2499-384 Director, also known as the IBM® SAN384B, includes highly robust 8 Gbps network switching platforms that combine breakthrough performance, scalability, and energy efficiency with long-term investment protection.  Supporting open system and System z environments, IBM® 2499-384 (SAN384B) is designed to address the data growth and application demands of evolving enterprise data centers; enable server, SAN, and data center consolidation and reduce infrastructure and administrative costs.

Used & Refurbished IBM® Options
TeamKCI sells used and refurbished IBM® equipment. Used and refurbished IBM® systems are available at big savings offering our customers alternative financial options to maximize their IT dollars.

Warranty & Support
TeamKCI offers a 12 month warranty and 9-5 technical support on all refurbished IBM® 2499-384 (SAN384B) directors and all other pre-owned refurbished IBM® SAN equipment we sell.  Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite support are also available for an additional charge.  Learn more.

How to Get Started?
For more information on a IBM® 2499-384 or any other IBM® product simply complete the TeamKCI Quick Quote form on this page or call TeamKCI at 201-934-6500 Ext. 11 for immediate assistance.


Technical Specifications

Maximum Ports: 512
Minimum Ports: 16
Port Speed: 1/2/4/8/10 Gbps
Upgrade: 16, 32, 48 or 64-port Fibre Channel blades
Redundant Power: Yes
Rail Kit: Yes

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