Brocade® SFPs – SAN Transceivers

Brocade® SFPs – SAN Transceivers

Testing and support separate our transceivers from commodity offerings. Purchasing a Brocade® branded transceiver for your campus data or storage network ensures that your product is functional and standards-compliant on purchase, certified to operate with Brocade® switches and supported throughout its life cycle.

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SFP Description Manufacturing Part Number Brocade® Ordering Part Number
1GE Copper 1 GE Copper 57-1000042-01 XBR-000190 (1-pack)
4G FC SFP 4G FC SWL 57-1000013-01 XBR-000139 (1-pack)
4G FC LWL – 4 km 57-1000014-01 XBR-000142 (1-pack)
4G FC LWL – 10 km 57-1000015-01 XBR-000144 (1-pack)
  4G FC ELWL – 30 km 57-1000020-01 XBR-000146 (1-pack)
8G FC SPF+ 8G FC SWL 57-1000012-01 XBR-000147 (1-pack)
  57-1000117-01 XBR-000163 (1-pack)
8G FC LWL – 10 km 57-1000027-01 XBR-000153 (1-pack)
  8G FC ELWL – 25 km 57-0000080-01 XBR-000174 (1-pack)
10G FC SFP+ 10G FC SWL 57-1000114-01 XBR-000218 (1-pack)
  10G FC LWL – 10 km 57-1000115-01 XBR-000217 (1-pack)
16 FC SFP+ 16G FC SWL 57-0000088-01 XBR-000192 (1-pack)
  16G FC LWL – 10 km 57-0000089-01 XBR-000198 (1-pack)
4x16G FC QSFP 4x16G FC SWL QSFP 57-0000090-01 XBR-000228 (1-pack)

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.


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