Podcast: Jeff Klein, TeamKCI founder, sees strong future for AscdiNatd companies in era of change and challenges

From Telecom Reseller: Jeff Klein, President of TeamKCI has seen all the business seasons that exist in the world of IT: recession, boom, market meltdown, recovery, war, social disturbance, malaise, new beginnings and false dawns. So even though four crises hit the IT community almost all at once, Klein believes that the months and years ahead are a time of opportunity and growth for the AscdiNatd community. Klein makes his case that big savings in maintenance is always attractive, and that if the ASCDI community stay current with customer needs, the alternate market vendors will remain as critical partners for enterprises. Klein discusses a diversification of his company’s offerings over the past year and how that makes his company more attractive since TeamKCI can take care of more multi-vendor platform needs. Klein thinks that TeamKCI and its colleague companies in the alternate market also represent supply chains and stocking sources that cannot be disrupted by trade conflicts, shipping issues or even slowing of domestic factories. Dependability and savings remain attractive in all seasons.

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