Our Best Maintenance Deal

Save over $15,000/year on every DCX SAN Director in your data center!!!

Compare: TeamKCI vs. Brocade® DCX SupportDCX_featured

Brocade® TeamKCI
Yearly Maintenance Rate: (2016) $22,666 $7,600
Parts on Premises: NO YES
Rate Increase 10% per year None Guaranteed

Your Yearly Savings: $15,066

TeamKCI also offers 24×7 DCX Monitoring services. For a quote or more information, please contact us below.

TeamKCI is America’s leading independent specialist of Brocade® DCX San Director equipment. We maintain over 4,000 legacy Brocade® products at over 350 customer locations nationwate. Call or e-mail today.

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

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