No Problem, TeamKCI Has You Covered

No Problem, TeamKCI Has You Covered

In 2007 Brocade® introduced its then new flagship director – the DCX.  The DCX was a technology leader with an industry leading speed of 8 Gbps. Seven years later, Brocade® introduced its next generation director, the 16 Gbps DCX 8510, and designated the DCX End-of-Life. Fast forward five years and the DCX will reach End-of-Support on November 14, 2019 just one year from today. After November 14, 2019. Brocade® support will no longer be available for the DCX.  
If you’re still planning to use your DCX directors now is the time to call TeamKCI to support your DCX gear. We will maintain your DCX for as long as you choose to use it, at a price that is far less than Brocade® or Broadcom ever did. Don’t get caught without support. Call TeamKCI for a fast, accurate same day quote on your DCX gear and on all your Brocade® legacy equipment.  
And while you are thinking about End-of-Support options for your DCX directors keep in mind that mainstay Brocade® 5100 and 5300 switches will reach End-of-Support even sooner. In just 75 days on January 31, 2019, Brocade® will no longer support the 5100. And on August 22, 2019, Brocade® support will end for the 5300.
PS: TeamKCI will not only maintain the Brocade® DCX, we also maintain all badged versions of the Brocade® DCX sold by EMC®, HP, HDS, NetApp®, and Hitachi
TeamKCI is an IT Life Cycle manager, selling, deploying, and servicing computer assets for switching, storage arrays, servers and Ethernet networks. We are the leader in third-party support for Brocade® SAN and Cisco® MDS equipment. Call us to insure continued support.


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