“McData®-geddon” Approaching

“McData®-geddon” Approaching

“McData®-geddon” Approaching

As McData® 6140 and i10k Directors Reach End-of-Support

Mahwah, NJ February 28, 2014 marks the End-of-Support for the McData® 6140 and McData® i10k directors by Brocade®. These machines were the last two McData® designed directors that Brocade® continued to support after its takeover of McData® in late 2006 now more than seven years ago.

Also slated for End-of-Support on February 28, 2014 are the Brocade® 4900, Brocade® 5000 and Brocade® 200E all 4-Gbps switches, as Brocade® support for 4-Gbps platforms ends.

TeamKCI services all Brocade® devices that have been designated End-of-Support by Brocade® including all the machines mentioned above at rates that are 50%-70% less than Brocade®’s rates. For continuing support options and more details about our award winning maintenance (link to Verizon award) please contact Jeff Klein at 201-934-7286 or email jeffk@teamkci.com

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

McDATA® is a registered trademark of Brocade Communications.

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