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    IBM® N7550T (2867 – Model C20)12/31/2018
    IBM® N7600 (2866 – Model A10)6/1/2014
    IBM® N7700 (2866 – Model A11)4/30/2017
    IBM® N7800 (2867 – Model A10)6/1/2014
    IBM® N7900 (2867 – Model A11)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5200 (2864-Model G10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5200 (2869-Model A10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5200 (2869-Model G10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5300 (2869-Model A10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5300 (2869-Model G10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N5500 (2865-Model A10)12/4/2012
    IBM® N5500 (2865-Model G10)12/4/2012
    IBM® N5600 (2868-Model G10)4/6/2014
    IBM® N6040 (2858-Model A10)3/31/2017
    IBM® N6060 (2858-Model A12)3/31/2017
    IBM® N6070 (2858-Model A11)3/31/2017
    IBM® N6210 (2858-Model C10) 
    IBM® N6220 (2858 – Model C15)1/30/2020
    IBM® N6240 (2858 – Model C21)12/31/2018
    IBM® N6250 (2858 – Model E16)1/31/2020
    IBM® N6270 (2858 – Model C22)12/31/2018
    IBM® N5200 (2864-Model A10)4/6/2014
    IBM® 2005 -R18 Switch8/15/2016
    IBM® 2005-B5K SAN Switch1/31/2019
    IBM® 2005-B64 SAN Switch2/24/2014
    IBM® 2026-432 SAN Switch10/1/2012
    IBM® 2027-232 SAN Switch1/1/2011
    IBM® 2026-224 SAN Switch6/30/2011
    IBM® 2498-B24 SAN Switch 
    IBM® 2498-B24 SAN Switch 
    IBM® 2026-416 SAN Switch10/1/2012
    IBM® 2005-B32 SAN Switch10/1/2012
    IBM® 2031-216 SAN Switch 
    IBM® 2109-F32 SAN Switch8/1/2010
    IBM® 2005-B16 SAN Switch2/24/2014
    IBM® 2005-H16 SAN Switch3/31/2011
    IBM® 2109-F16 SAN Switch7/15/2010
    IBM® 3534-F08 SAN Switch 
    IBM® 2031-032 SAN Switch 
    IBM® 2027-R04 SAN Router1/15/2013
    IBM® 2027-R16 SAN Router1/15/2013
    IBM® 2498-B40 SAN Switch1/31/2019
    IBM® 2026-E12 Switch 
    IBM® 2499-384 Director8/15/2016
    IBM® 2109-M48 Director2/17/2016
    IBM® 2027-256 Director2/24/2014
    IBM® 2027-140 Director2/24/2014
    IBM® 2062-E11 Director 
    IBM® 2062-D07 Director 
    IBM® 2062-D04 Director 
    IBM® 2032-064 Director 
    IBM® 2109-M14 Director4/28/2011
    IBM® 2109-M12 Director8/15/2016
    IBM® Flashsystem A9000/A9000R7/31/2023
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