Has Your Brocade® 48000 Been Orphaned?

Has Your Brocade® 48000 Been Orphaned?

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TeamKCI has assumed a major support role as customers seek alternative source for maintenance as 48000 support ends.


The Brocade® 48000 once flagship Brocade® SAN director reached End-Of-Support on February 17, 2016. Brocade® Communications is no longer supporting it.


There is an alternative, simply let TeamKCI maintain your Brocade® 48000(s). 


Why TeamKCI?
We are Brocade® subject matter experts that offer the best Brocade service available.
We store a complete complement of spare parts on your premises.
Quick turnaround. Receive your quote the same day.
Access to a technical specialist trained on the Brocade® 48000 within 15 minutes of making a call.
Four-hour onsite response time.
80% off the manufacturer’s list price.

We not only maintain the Brocade® 48000 but we also maintain the badged versions of the Brocade® 48000 sold by:
• EMC® ED-48000B
• HPE® 4/64®
• HDS 48000®
• NetApp® 48000

Don’t be caught without support on your critical infrastructure. Call or email TeamKCI today and we’ll start coverage immediately. If you have any questions please contact us via email or at the number. 

We also maintain these fine Brocade® EOL designated machines:




200E® 5000®
300® 5100®
4100® 5300®
4500® 6505®
4700® 6510®
4900® 6520®

We are TeamKCI, the leader in Brocade® SAN Support.



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Brocade®is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

NetApp® is registered trademarks of NetApp,Inc.

EMC is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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