Flagship DCX Director to Reach EOS Soon

Flagship DCX Director to Reach EOS Soon

We are approaching a critical support juncture as Brocade® sunsets its Generation four (GEN 4) product line and key products reach End-of-Support (EOS).

Model EOS Date
Brocade® 5100 1/25/2019
Brocade® 53100 8/21/2019
Brocade® DCX 11/14/2019


In addition, Brocade® recently announced End-of-Life (EOL) for Brocade® Network Advisor (BNA), an essential software tool that runs on DCX hardware.

Before you rip and replace working SAN equipment, talk to us about our premier legacy support program for Brocade® EOL and EOS equipment. It won’t take more than 10 minutes. We’ll provide you with a same day quote and surprise you with our low price, quick response time and our in-depth knowledge of Brocade® SAN equipment.

We’re TeamKCI and we’ve been supporting Brocade® SAN products since it first appeared in 1996. And we’ve been supporting switching infrastructure since 1982.

We can also help you transition to a new Brocade® SAN or any other SAN you choose. That’s why more companies call on TeamKCI than any other legacy Brocade® support specialists.




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