EMC ED-48000B Nears End-of-Support Date

EMC ED-48000B Nears End-of-Support Date

In May 2005, Brocade® introduced its then flagship 48000 director, a 4 Gbps director with an eight (8) blade capacity, each blade capable of atEMC ED-48000taching up to 48 ports, for a total capacity of 384 ports. EMC re-branded the 48K and sold it as the ED-48000B.  It was designed by Brocade® to compete with McData and Cisco® its two main rivals (at the time) in the director space. Back then the EMC ED-48000B (Brocade® 48K) was “state of the art”.  Now it is a bit old – legacy if you will – and was designated End-of-Life in January 2011 roughly five and one half years after its introduction. Soon, on January 31, 2016, the EMC ED-48000B will reach its End-of-Support date with EMC.

There is no need to panic or make a quick decision to upgrade. TeamKCI will pick up support the day your EMC support contract runs out. No need to squirrel away parts, buy spare machines to store in your parts closet or read up on maintenance procedures. TeamKCI will maintain your EMC ED-48000B as good as or even better than the manufacturer at prices that will shock you and make you wonder why you didn’t move your EMC ED-48000B maintenance over to TeamKCI earlier.

We guaranty that you will be able to talk to a technical specialist within fifteen minutes of making a service call any time of day or night. Four-hour onsite response time (though in reality we average less than two hours). A full complement of spare parts stored on premises to facilitate rapid repairs. Product engineers who speak the language and can help you reconfigure your ED-48000B or restore corrupted software. Top of the rack service at bottom of the rack prices. Exactly what you would expect from the leader in switching technology support.

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

Cisco® is registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the
United States and certain other countries.

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