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98% of Foundry® Machines Reach EOS in 15 Months

September 3, 2019 looms as an important End-of-Support (EOS) date for almost all Foundry® products manufactured under the Foundry® logo.

Foundry® End-of-Support notifications are spread across all five Foundry® product lines – NetIron, ServerIron, BigIron, FastIron and TurboIron – and will cover such popular and successful products as: FastIron SuperX, FastIron LS Series, NetIron MLX, FastIron GS, BigIron RX and FastIron Edge X.

TeamKCI is America’s leading specialist for Foundry® products (and newer era Foundry® Ethernet products manufactured by Brocade®). We maintain the entire Foundry® product line and guaranty our customers that we will continue to maintain Foundry® products for as long as they choose to use them. Giving customers plenty of time to continue using their Foundry® networking gear while planning an orderly migration path to their next Ethernet platform.

We would like to help you evaluate your Foundry® support options. Please give us a call at 1-201-934-6500 ext. 23. Or, send an email to with a list of the Foundry® products in use. We’ll help support your customer’s Foundry® networking gear until they are ready to replace it. After all TeamKCI has been maintaining switch equipment since 1982.

Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.

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