Brocade® For Smarties

Brocade® For Smarties


Many companies distribute small booklets that always have the word, 'dummies' in the title. We don't. We don't want dummies for customers-- we want smarties! Customers who are savvy, astute, wise, shrewd, clever, ingenious and are looking for top quality service at better than reasonable prices. We are looking for, 'smarties.'

Rather than send you a 50 page handbook that you won't read, we want to give you a one-page strategy designed to start saving you as much as 80% on your Brocade® support immediately. To learn more, scroll down!

What Do You Get With TeamKCI?

Freedom For You!

  • Low, low price
  • No price increases for 3 years
  • Manage your own transition strategy
  • Gain control of the product's life-cycle
  • Extend the life of your equipment

Top Of The Line Quality Service

    • Guaranteed 15-minute response time
    • Remote dial-in supported
    • Call home feature supported
    • Spare parts stored on premises

    brocade 6520

    Brocade® DCX 8510 

    *Brocade® is the registered trademark of Broadcom Inc.