Avocent® End-of-Life (EOL) and End-of-Service (EOS) Dates

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Product Line Machine End-of-Service (EOS)
Advanced Console Servers ACS6008MDAC 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS6016MDAC-G2 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS6032MDAC-G2 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS6048MDAC-G2 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5004-001 6/20/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5008-001 6/20/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5016-001 6/20/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5032-001 6/20/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5048-001 6/20/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS6016AC-001 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS6032DAG001 GOl 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS60480AG001 7/31/2023
Advanced Console Servers ACS5000 6/20/2023
AutoView AV3016-lOx 12/31/2021
AutoView AV3200-l0x 12/31/2021
AutoView DSR1024PS2-20x 12/31/2021
AutoView AV108-20x 4/06/2023
AutoView AV2216-l0x 6/30/2022
AutoView AV3008-20x 12/31/2021
AutoView AV3016-20x 12/31/2021
AutoView AV3200-20x 12/31/2021
AutoView AV2108-20x 6/30/2022
AutoView AV1415-xxx  
AutoView AV1515-xxx  
AutoView AV2108-xxx 6/30/2022
AutoView AV2015-xxx 6/30/2022
AutoView AV2030-xxx 6/30/2022
Cybex SwitchView SC140-001 3/31/2020
MergePoint MPU108EDAG-20x  
MergePoint MPU108EDAG-20x  
SwitchView SC620-XXX 6/30/2023
SwitchView SC640-XXX 6/30/2023
SwitchView SC680-XXX 6/30/2023
SwitchView SC740-XXX 6/30/2023
SwitchView SC780-XXX 6/30/2023
SwitchView SC420-001 3/31/2020
SwitchView SC440-001 3/31/2020
SwitchView SC540-001 3/31/2020
SwitchView SC4UAD-001  
SwitchView SC4PDV  
SwitchView 10040-SC  
SwitchView 10080SC-AM  
Universal Management Gateway UMG6000-400 12/31/2022
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