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Brocade Introduces Generation 7

In case you missed it on September 1, 2020, Brocade announced its new 7th generation director, the X7, and a new 7th generation switch, the G720.

X7 Director (artist rendering)

G720 Switch (artist rendering)


According to Brocade the new director is faster, more scalable, more intelligent, and more resilient than previous directors providing a strong foundation for the on-demand data center. Brocade describes the new director as “a modular building block, purpose-built to power large-scale storage environments.”

The new director operates at twice the speed and half of the  latency when compared to Brocade’s previous generation 6 director. It provides up to 384 64 Gb/s ports or up to 512 32 Gb/s ports. The G720 will be delivered with 56 64Gb/s ports in a 1RU design. It will also be 50 percent lower latency when compared to previous generations. 

According to Brocade, the X7 director and G720 switch are available now.

The X7 will use Emulex® HBAs, first announced in December 2018, which set the new standard in speed and low latency performance for mission-critical Enterprise workloads. 

The Gen 7 systems include self-learning, self-optimizing and self-healing capabilities to help automate SAN management.

For more information on the new Generation 7 please call Brocade. To sell or upgrade your legacy Brocade Generation 6 or Generation 5 equipment call TeamKCI at 201-934-3416, email us at, or click here to request a same-day quote.



Disclaimer: KCI, Inc (dba TeamKCI) is the industry leader in premier Third-Party maintenance support. TeamKCI is not an authorized reseller, distributor, partner of nor an affiliate of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or related to any manufacturer’s authorized service center. All offers for maintenance support are from our world-wide award winning support group not the OEM. All trademarks, service marks, logos remain the property of the corresponding company. All rights reserved. 

Podcast: Jeff Klein, TeamKCI founder, sees strong future for AscdiNatd companies in era of change and challenge

From Telecom Reseller: Jeff Klein, President of TeamKCI has seen all the business seasons that exist in the world of IT: recession, boom, market meltdown, recovery, war, social disturbance, malaise, new beginnings and false dawns. So even though four crises hit the IT community almost all at once, Klein believes that the months and years ahead are a time of opportunity and growth for the AscdiNatd community. Klein makes his case that big savings in maintenance is always attractive, and that if the ASCDI community stay current with customer needs, the alternate market vendors will remain as critical partners for enterprises. Klein discusses a diversification of his company’s offerings over the past year and how that makes his company more attractive since TeamKCI can take care of more multi-vendor platform needs. Klein thinks that TeamKCI and its colleague companies in the alternate market also represent supply chains and stocking sources that cannot be disrupted by trade conflicts, shipping issues or even slowing of domestic factories. Dependability and savings remain attractive in all seasons.

2nd Alert: VDX Reaches EOS In *5* Days!


We’re throwing you a lifeline.

Grab on to extend the life of your Brocade® VDX 6710 and 6730 SAN switches at an unbeatable price.

These VDX switches reach Brocade® End-of-Support on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

Just 5 days from today! 

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EOL ALERT: Brocade® DCX® 8510® is End-of-Life. What’s your plan?

Brocade Communications Systems has designated its flagship DCX 8510 director End-of-Life effective October 31, 2019. Originally introduced in May 2011, the DCX 8510 has been an active Brocade product for almost nine years and stands today as the leading Gen5 16 Gbps SAN director in the world.
End-of-Life means new development on these systems has stopped as Brocade concentrates on its newly introduced, highly successful X6 directors. Because of this, it’s time to look for a high quality, low price alternative to the manufacturer’s support. Here’s where we come in.
TeamKCI has been servicing switching equipment since 1982, thirteen years before Brocade was even incorporated. We maintain the entire Brocade Gen5 product line and all Brocade equipment that came before it at a small fraction of Brocade’s original maintenance price. TeamKCI support includes 24×7 tech support, utilization of the dial-in and call home features, plus spares stored locally.
We’re offering savings of as much as $1500 per month per director off the manufacturer’s list price.
Call us at 201-934-3416, email us at  or click here now to request a same-day quote.
It’s the perfect time to start saving on your 2020 OPEX budget.


For Immediate Release


Breaks new ground. Demonstrates industry leadership. Support begins April 2, 2020.   

MAHWAH, N.J. – TeamKCI, a long-time leader in legacy IP Networking support, today announced it has initiated support for legacy F5® products. This is significant because no other third-party company is currently organically maintaining F5® products. 

Utilizing its expertise and experience with IP Networks, TeamKCI’s technical team has completed development work and testing, and is ready to roll F5® support out of the TeamKCI Test Lab beginning April 2, 2020.

“Support for F5® again shows the technological leadership TeamKCI has demonstrated over the years to serve customers looking for savings on their legacy equipment – freeing up budget to apply to other high priority infrastructure needs,” said Jeff Klein, Founder and President of TeamKCI. 

TeamKCI, the industry leader in award-winning, premier support for IP Network and Storage Area Network products has been in business for over 37 years specializing in high-quality, low-cost, support solutions. From one small office in a spare bedroom in Fort Lee, NJ it has expanded to a company of international scope doing business in every state in the United States, all 23 members of the EU and parts of the Pacific Rim. Today TeamKCI maintains over 9,000 machines in 500 data centers worldwide.  

To ensure that our team was trained and ready to go when the time came, Wayne Duglin, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said he put the entire staff, and the machines, to the test: “We had F5® machines in one of our Test Labs for months running our team through their paces and gave every one of our technical managers and support specialists an opportunity to gain practical F5® experience.”

Jennifer Campbell, TeamKCI’s Vice-President of Marketing, added: “Adding F5® to our rapidly expanding list of supported manufacturers once again demonstrates our technical prowess and industry leadership.”

About TeamKCI

Founded in 1982, TeamKCI is an award-winning IT Life Cycle management company, selling, deploying, and servicing computer assets for switching, Ethernet networks, storage arrays, and servers. It is the industry leader in third-party support for many networking and SAN products including Citrix NetScaler, Cisco MDS, Brocade SAN, and Foundry Networks.

For more information about TeamKCI and any of its support programs call 201-934-3416, email, or visit

“Today’s Company For Yesterday’s Equipment”

Media Contact: Kevin Winterfield, (201) 934-9500 x20,  

A quick update on what we are doing during the current emergency

We wanted to give you a quick update on what we are doing during the current emergency.

We are pleased to say we are up and running at full capacity. Before all this started we virtualized all support functions that could be performed remotely including 24 x 7 tech support, help desk, customer delivery, logistics and onboarding and tested our ability to deliver when we weren’t working in our normal offices. We distributed expanded parts supplies to all major offices in the US, the UK and the EU to ensure that multiple sources of parts were available in the event of a local interruption in our supply chain. And we put into action our plan to ensure we had multiple sources of local technicians to deliver support quickly and safely.

It hasn’t been easy but we know that all of our customers and friends are affected and we are doing our part to ensure that with all the problems out there, keeping your network, SAN or storage up and running is not one of them.

We will continue to update you throughout the crisis. Please let us know if you have any specific issues that we can help with.

With Warmth and Gratitude,

Jeff Klein
President & Founder

2020 Annual Report: Expanding Our Reach

2019 was a year of adjusting to changes brought about by our expansion into new markets coupled with remnants of Broadcom’s acquisition of Brocade, and expansion of services in our core competencies. There were also product announcements, End-of-Life announcements, End-of-Support announcements and paradigm shifts that moved the third-party landscape. The new year always brings about challenges, so while we enter 2020 with a sense of achievement, enthusiasm and the spirit of accomplishment, we know we will face new challenges in the next 12 months that will test our creativity, innovative ability and the constant demand to deliver cost-effective third-party support solutions.

Now is a perfect time to look back at the just completed year to provide context for our strategic vision for 2020: a year of major planned expansion that will broaden the scope of platforms we cover, expand the services we offer and enhance value to our customers.

Download our 2020 Annual Report: Expanding Our Reach



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