2020 NetApp® Survey

2020 NetApp® Support Survey Results

TeamKCI is still the best source for legacy NetApp® Support. Award winning TeamKCI support includes our guarantee that you’ll be able to speak to a qualified trained NetApp® specialist within 15 minutes of placing a service call. We support the dial-in and call home capabilities built into every filer. We will store spare parts on premises or deliver parts as part of a standard four hour service call. And we can include 24 x 7 monitoring on every NetApp® filer under TeamKCI support for a small extra charge.

Percent Off Manufacturers’ List Price*



Abtech Technologies 50%-70%
CDS 50%
Centrics IT 50%-80%
Curvature 50%
Emergent SX 30%-70%
ISC Group LLC 60%
MG Global Services 70%
Mojo 70%
Park Place 30%-40%
Reliant Technology 50%
Service Express 30%-70%
Strategic Support 70%
Trident Computer Resources 70%
XSI 60%
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*A note on pricing: Almost all third-party support companies advertise their pricing as a percentage of the list price. We chose to present prices in this manner because this is the way the prices for NetApp® maintenance are advertised and can be compared.

NetApp® is a trademark of NetApp,Inc.


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