2020 Annual Report: Expanding Our Reach

2020 Annual Report: Expanding Our Reach

2019 was a year of adjusting to changes brought about by our expansion into new markets coupled with remnants of Broadcom’s acquisition of Brocade, and expansion of services in our core competencies. There were also product announcements, End-of-Life announcements, End-of-Support announcements and paradigm shifts that moved the third-party landscape. The new year always brings about challenges, so while we enter 2020 with a sense of achievement, enthusiasm and the spirit of accomplishment, we know we will face new challenges in the next 12 months that will test our creativity, innovative ability and the constant demand to deliver cost-effective third-party support solutions.

Now is a perfect time to look back at the just completed year to provide context for our strategic vision for 2020: a year of major planned expansion that will broaden the scope of platforms we cover, expand the services we offer and enhance value to our customers.

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