2018 TeamKCI NetApp® Survey

Numbers shown represent discount off manufacturer’s suggest retail maintenance price.

 TeamKCI – 85% off manufacturer’s list!

MGlobal Services – 70 % off
Mojo – 70% off
Reliant Technology – Up to 70% off
Strategic Support – Up to 70% off
Emergent SX – Up to 70% off
Procurri – Up to 70% off
CentricsIT – Up to 70% off
Abtech Technologies – Up to 70% off
Congruity 360 – Up to 60% off
Service Express – Up to 60% off
Park Place – 60% off
CDS – 50% off
Spectra – 50% off

*All prices as of April 10, 2018

NetApp® is registered trademarks of NetApp,Inc.


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