Extreme® Networks Support and Maintenance


TeamKCI maintains every legacy Extreme® machine ever made. We also have Extreme® Equipment in stock for any upgrade contingency

Whether you need immediate emergency support for a down machine; equipment for an upgrade; or long term care call the the company that everyone calls for Extreme® support.

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View Extreme® EOSL Dates for supported machines.

Click on any of the following Extreme products for more information:

Extreme® Summit 15101 X250e-24tExtreme® Summit 16405 X460-24x
Extreme® Summit 15103 X250e-48tExtreme® Summit 16406 X460-48x
Extreme® Summit 15105 X250e-24pExtreme® Summit 16501 X440-8t
Extreme® Summit 15107 X250e-48pExtreme® Summit 16502 X440-8p
Extreme® Summit 15109 X250e-24xExtreme® Summit 16503 X440-24t
Extreme® Summit 15201 X150-24tExtreme® Summit 16504 X440-24p
Extreme® Summit 15203 X150-48tExtreme® Summit 16505 X440-48t
Extreme® Summit 15205 X150-24pExtreme® Summit 16506 X440-48p
Extreme® Summit 16121 X450-24xExtreme® Summit 16507 X440-24t-10G
Extreme® Summit 16123 X450-24tExtreme® Summit 16508 X440-24p-10G
Extreme® Summit 16141 x450e-24tExtreme® Summit 16509 X440-48t-10G
Extreme® Summit 16142 X450e-24pExtreme® Summit 16510 X440-48p-10G
Extreme® Summit 16147 X450e-48tExtreme® Summit 16513 X440-24x
Extreme® Summit 16148 X450e-48pExtreme® Summit 16514 X440-24x-10G
Extreme® Summit 16151 X450a-24tExtreme® Summit 16515 X430-8p
Extreme® Summit 16155 X450a-24xExtreme® Summit 16516 X430-24t
Extreme® Summit 16157 X450a-48tExtreme® Summit 16517 X430-24p
Extreme® Summit 16201 X350-24tExtreme® Summit 16518 X430-48t
Extreme® Summit 16202 X350-48tExtreme® Summit X650-24t
Extreme® Summit 16401 X460-24tExtreme® Summit X650-24x
Extreme® Summit 16402 X460-48tExtreme® Summit 16151 X450a-24t
Extreme® Summit 16403 X460-24pExtreme® Summit 15201 X150-24x
Extreme® Summit 16404 X460-48p
TeamKCI is the premier award-winning third party maintenance provider.